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Creative Tasks

We have set 10 fantastic, fun, creative tasks for everyone to do during lock down! 

Have a look, have a go and please don't forget to tag us on social media @nextdoordance or email your creations over to us at

What are you waiting for, get making...

Task one

Can you find a small space (the smaller the better) and have a dance. The biggest dance you can do in your tiny space! #smallspacebigdance

Task two

We would like you to find a household prop... anything you can find in your house. A cushion? A broom? A teddy bear? A book? This is now your new partner! With your new partner can you create a duet, film it and share it with us! #propduet

Task three

Inspired by one of our dance films 'Chairs Stairs and Pickled onions', can you create a seated solo? On the sofa, maybe a chair, perhaps the floor? Try and keep that bottom led to the seat, how can you move? Don't forget to film and share with us #seatedsolo

Task four

Inspired by another dance film of our 'The Magic Jumper', can you go and grab an item of clothing, the bigger the better! Explore all of the different ways of dancing with it, can you make it dance, or maybe try wearing it in a different way to create a dance. The possibilities are endless, so go raid that wardrobe!

Task five

During the Easter Holiday, we were aiming to run another one of our Shadow Movement Projects, which is an intensive project for young dancers who are interested in developing their choreographic skills, working, collaborating and performing with NDD professional company.  As that was not possible, we would like you to celebrate the Shadow Movement Project by creating us a shadow solo! Either inside with a lamp or outside with the sunshine, have a dance and film your shadow Don't forget to send it to us or tag us on social media @nextdoordance so we can watch!

Task six

The sock dance! can you find the brightest, jazzy, colourful socks and have a sock dance. Let's get those feet moving...

Task seven

Can you choose a body part, and film the biggest dance that single body part can do! An arm, your head... your tummy, maybe try a few. How fast can it go? How sloooooow can it go? Wiggle, slice, flick? Go crazy...

Task eight

Create a short dance in response to the quote below

Quote: 'Do a loony-goony dance 'cross the kitchen floor, put something silly in the world that ain't been there before' - Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic

Task nine

See below the photo montage of four pictures from The Beautiful Game. We would like you to bring those photos alive!! Extra challenge, can you do it in just 30 seconds? Grab those hats, scarfs and maybe even the face paint! Can you maybe get the family involved and dance the photos! We CANNOT wait to see your videos...

Task 10

This weekend (May 23rd and 24th) is a very exciting weekend! Nottstopping festival is happening and we would like to link this weeks task with the festival. There is a Doorstep Disco happening both Saturday and Sunday at 7pm! We would LOVE for you to learn the dance moves, film yourself dancing them on your doorstep and send them over to us, or tag us on social media @nextdoordance. Please see more information by clicking the link which will take you to the website with the video... There are only 4 dance moves, get the whole family involved!

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