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Nottingham Playhouse in collaboration with Next Door Dance

Directed by Fiona Buffini

Home was performed at the Nottingham Playhouse in July 2017. We were commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse to work alongside Fiona Buffini to create a dance theatre production that explored the theme of Home and communities from Nottingham's perceptions of it.

What does Home mean to you?

A place you look forward to being in? A place you can’t wait to leave? Thoughts and feelings of real Nottingham people about home have inspired this beautiful and funny piece of theatre, directed by Fiona Buffini in collaboration with Next Door Dance.

Who does the washing up? Are you a clothes neatly folded or a thrown on the floor person? How does the home help you to unwind from a long day at work? Do you live in a showroom or in chaos?

All these questions and more explored to create an illuminating and enjoyable journey through the lives of Nottingham people and what home means to them. Come along and make yourself at home.

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