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Jam on a Tram

Commissioned by Dance4 and Nottingham Express Transit 

In June 2014 we collaborated with New Zealand based choreographer, Sasha Copelnad to create Jam on a Tram; a live dance performance which took place across Nottingham's tram network.


On a busy summer Saturday, the general public of Nottingham experienced an extraordinary journey as their tram ride was brought to life by the members of  Next Door Dance. Using  physical comedy and high-energy, Ten dancers created outrageous scenarios through physical comedy 

Choreographed by New Zealand dance artist Sacha Copland, expect high energy, physical comedy and outrageous scenarios as the Collective interact with one another and the many unsuspecting audience members. Performances will take place between 11am-4pm on routes throughout Nottinghamshire.

Jam on a Tram 1.jpg
Photo Credits: Antony Hopwood
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