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The Beautiful Game

Football. Some love it, others loathe it, but we can’t deny that it is somehow present in all of our lives. The Beautiful Game is a laugh-out-loud look at Britain’s undying obsession with football, celebrating everything from weird match day rituals to ridiculous arm chair punditry. Passionately performed by four females, The Beautiful Game will lead you through the highs and lows of being a British football fan. It may even attempt to explain the offside rule.

Made in collaboration with die-hard football fans and players, The Beautiful Game delves directly to the heart of football. Packed with unforgettable goals, set to a backdrop of chant-a-long hits and full to the brim with nostalgia this show will have you casting your mind back to fixtures gone by.

It is a show for all the family, both the fanatic and the impartial spectator. Even if you don’t like football, even if you despise football, The Beautiful Game will persuade you of its charms. 

Best Dance Award Winner – Buxton Fringe Awards 2016

Want to book this show? We are touring Autumn 2019 & Spring/Summer 2020. Get in touch with us here

I rarely see shows that are this inventive, playful and irresistible. It is a laugh-out-loud funny, warm and very human look at the highs and lows of following football. It makes football fans love dance, and makes everyone love football.

- Fiona Buffini, Associate Director, Nottingham Playhouse

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